Urban Nature Map Rotterdam edt 2016 | VERENIGING DELTAMETROPOOL + LOLA – damage playground
Urban Nature Map Rotterdam edt 2016 | LOLA LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS

Urban Nature Map Rotterdam edt 2016 | VERENIGING DELTAMETROPOOL + LOLA

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The New Urban Nature Map of Rotterdam. For a long time we have considered nature to be something that was outside the city. However, more and more we realize that nature is an inherent part of urban life, which makes us look at our cities in a new way. In the city, all kind of animals live in unexpected places and many species of plants thrive.

LOLA Landscape Architects and the Deltametropolis Association present the New Urban Nature map of Rotterdam. This map shows all the large parks and allotments of the city, as well as new urban agriculture areas. Connected by overgrown forgotten banks, derelict plots and forgotten terrains, a dense urban nature network can be created

bilingual: English & Dutch

Edition of 3000

Year 2016

Designed by Yorit Kluitman

printed in The Netherlands

The Deltametropolis Association acts as a platform and laboratory, focusing on the metropolitan development of The Netherlands. The association works with three main themes: mobility, the metropolitan program, and landscape.

LOLA Landscape Architects is a Rotterdam based office for progressive landscape architecture. LOLA (LOst LAndscapes) designs and studies landscapes that are forgotten, derelict or on the verge of change. Since its founding in 2006, LOLA has worked on conceptual as well as realized projects in the city, on the outskirts and in the countryside. LOLA has an optimistic and conceptual approach, as well as a fascination for new spatial phenomena.