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Sleek Magazine #50

Sleek Magazine #50

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After 12 years of existence SLEEK has reached its 50th issue and to commemorate we’re proud to present in this edition The SLEEK Fifty – a dossier with the ideas, subjects and people we think will define the remainder of the decade and beyond. Continuing with the art and fashion crossover we championed early on, we feature the artist and fashion icon OLYMPIA SCARRY as our cover star, in an intimate profile that also documents her epic journey to Dallas where she trained with US Olympian MICHAEL JOHNSON. And elsewhere in the magazine Jeni Fulton studies the current wave of artists assuming the role of curators, while our fashion and beauty editorials provide more than 30 pages of sun-kissed inspiration.


–  For this issue’s “Ones to Watch” we speak with New Tendency co-creator MANUEL GOLLER, Thai fashion designer CHIN and French artist MARGUERITE HUMEAU

–  ED FORNIELES chats with us about the culture surrounding motivational self-help posters and reveals his furry fetish

–  Plants and their rising prominence in contemporary art is examined in “Fine Foliage” by Will Furtado

–  CLAIRE BARROW explains how the age-old phrase about cleanliness and godliness inspired her latest collection

–  Exclusive earthly delights by fashion designer AYZIT BOSTAN and photographer FABIAN FRIENZEL are presented in our Cabinet section

–  We visit womenswear designer RICHARD MALONE’s north London studio to discuss how his socioeconomic background growing up still influence his work today

Sleek magazine is an art magazine in the widest sense, with a progressive view on what constitutes art. Dedicated to documenting and exploring the visual contemporary, they are committed to utilizing the universal language of the image to create unique connections between the cutting edge of culture and intellectual movements. The publication is a quarterly magazine, featuring thought leaders and tastemakers from around the world. As an object, it is an intricate and haptic visual experience.