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Sleek magazine #47 – Word up!

Sleek magazine #47 – Word up!

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Word Up!

From artist-run publishers to post-internet poetry’s experimentation with form, artists have been revisiting each pillar of the literary world, and exploring innovative forms of story-telling. In this issue of Sleek we look at what sets this new wave of art’s literary love affair apart. We talk to Paul Chan of Badlands Unlimited to find out what’s driven the renaissance in art publishing; while Jon Rafman tells us about his poetic tribute to videogame addicts and trolls. Finally, Slavs and Tatars, who are nominated for a Nationalgalerie Preis, give us their exclusive and sensuous illustrated essay “I Utter Other”.


  • Lina Berg, shot by Janneke Van Der Hagen, is our fashion cover star
  • Simon Denny tells us about art inspired by Silicon Valley and start-up culture
  • An introduction to five post-internet poets redefining the relation between the image and the written word
  • Hedonist punks Tobias Rehberger and Douglas Gordon offer Ibiza a sophisticated hangover cure
  • Berlin-based artist Isabel Lewis’ reinvention of the exhibition format
  • An exclusive extract from the latest Badlands erotica novel, “Burning Blue” by Cara Benedetto
  • Plus more exciting fashion and art content

Sleek magazine (Berlin, Germany) is an art magazine in the widest sense, with a progressive view on what constitutes art. Dedicated to documenting and exploring the visual contemporary, they are committed to utilizing the universal language of the image to create unique connections between the cutting edge of culture and intellectual movements. The publication is a quarterly magazine, featuring thought leaders and tastemakers from around the world. As an object, it is an intricate and haptic visual experience.