Radical Philosophy journal | ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION 2016 – DAMAGE Playground
Radical Philosophy journal | ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION 2016

Radical Philosophy journal | ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION 2016

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The six issue subscription includes the following 2016 issues:

RP 195 January/February 2016 - Published 1 May 2016 

RP 196 March/April 2016 - To be published  1 July 2016

RP 197 May/June 2016 - To be published  1 May 2016

RP 198 July/August 2016 - To be published 1 July 2016

RP 199 September/October 2016 - To be published 1 September 2016

RP 200 November/December 2016 - To be published 1 November 2016

With purchase you’ll only be charged shipping on your first issue and supplied with issues already released from date of purchase. Alternatively you can choose to pick-up each issue for free in-store.

frequency: 6 x per year


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Radical Philosophy

Radical Philosophy is a UK-based journal of socialist and feminist philosophy, the first issue of which appeared in January 1972. It was founded in response to the widely felt discontent with the sterility of academic philosophy at the time (in Britain, completely dominated by the narrowest sort of “ordinary language” philosophy), with the purpose of providing a forum for the theoretical work which was emerging in the wake of the radical movements of the 1960s, in philosophy and other fields.