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Odiseo Volume 5 - (Not) Safe For Work
Odiseo Volume 5 - (Not) Safe For Work

Odiseo Volume 5 - (Not) Safe For Work

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English - 27 x 15 cm

106 pages Hardcover

Published by The Flames

Project by Folch Studio (Barcelona, Spain)

Odiseo is a publication for adult entertainment. It includes a selection of photographic stories with an erotic point of view, accompanied by cutting-edge ideas by contemporary thinkers. "It's more a book than a magazine. In it you’ll find a sensitive approach to erotic subjects and a wealth of illuminating opinion pieces all of which subvert what we’ve come to define as erotic in the digital age." - James Cartwright (It's Nice That)

"We do define ourselves as erotic, but not as a magazine. As opposed to most magazines we do not seek to publish current content, but rather speculative essays dealing with topics that may or may not be of relevance in the near future. This, in conjunction with the lack of advertising, naturally shapes Odiseo as a hybrid in between a magazine and a book; it retains the periodicity but does away with the obsolescence." - Pol Perez (Folch Studio)