N Plus One Magazine issue 27 | Deep End – DAMAGE Playground
N Plus One Magazine issue 27 | Deep End

N Plus One Magazine issue 27 | Deep End

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Trump Rex. The end of Atlantic City. Literally dead in the UFC. Why live? A. S. Hamrah sees forty films at the NYFF, Tama Janowitz flops, strives, and seethes. Fiction by Thomas Bolt, Beatriz Bracher, and Caleb Crain.


The Intellectual Situation
No President by The Editors
The Obama Speeches by George Blaustein
Decolonizing Obama by Aziz Rana
Fiction and Drama
Inversion of Marcia Thomas Bolt
I Didn’t Talk by Beatriz Bracher
Ward’s Fool by Caleb Crain
The Last Last Summer by Joshua Cohen
Old Ship by Kristin Dombek
Don't Be Scared, Homie by Sam Frank
In Tbilisi by Victoria Lomasko
All That Counts Is Getting to a Normal World by A. S. Hamrah
The Age of Insolvency by Naomi Fry
Rhode Warriors, Care Crises 

212 pages

Softcover 25 x 18 cm 

Colour Offset

edition Winter 2017

N+1 is a Brooklyn-based magazine of politics, literature and culture, founded in 2004 and published thrice yearly. Driven by a sense of bravado and grievance, n+1 is leading the generational struggle against laziness and cynicism, to raise once again the banners of creative enthusiasm and intellectual engagement.