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Girls Like Us issue 4: New Options

Girls Like Us issue 4: New Options

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GIRLS LIKE US (GLU) is an independent magazine turning the spotlight on an international expanding community of women from all backgrounds within arts, culture and activism. Through personal stories, essays and strong visuals GIRLS LIKE US unfolds feminist legacies in arts and writing. Mixing politics with pleasure, the magazine tries to map new routes towards a feminist, post-gender future.

These days, if you call someone to go for a drink or a walk in the park, the obvious answer is: 'Sorry, I'm too busy'. Too busy with what? What do you do all day in your studio or office, bar or dancefloor, spending precious time on 'work'? And what makes it different from labouring? Do we slave for money – or no money – building on a system that is doomed to collapse? Or do we build on a new future where work and play are equal? When we work on our own initiatives and with a self-generated goal, would that still be called work? In this issue: other voices, other routes.

Featuring Venus X, Linder Sterling, Céline Sciamma, Kakan Hermansson, Casey Legler, Nina Power, Myrza de Myunck, Leidy Churchman, General Sisters, Hanne Lippard, Felicia von Zweigbergk, Stav B., Clara T. López and Katarina Elvén.

''Like many of the Womazines that have burst onto the indie magazine scene in the past year, Girls Like Us seeks to break free of the shackles of traditional female-orientated publishing. There will be no tips on how to lose weight or get rid of that cellulite.'' - Daniela Walker (LS:N)