Flofferz magazine - issue 002 "Shut Up and Smile" – DAMAGE Playground
Flofferz magazine - issue 002 "Shut Up and Smile"

Flofferz magazine - issue 002 "Shut Up and Smile"

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ISSUE 002 focusses on the pressures of conformity and its impact on the individual. Additional topics include: race, sexuality, abortion, equality, LGBQT+ topics. In this issue we are working with SMUG, Sexual Minorities Uganda, which is a charity dedicated to righting the human rights being denied to the LGBTQ+ community in Uganda, where homosexuality is currently outlawed.


Teyana Taylor, Eric Guillemain, Gavin Watson, Payam Feili, Todd Hido

Magdalena Środa, Linus Ricard, Anna Alek, Jan Scott Melka, Renaud Cambuzat, Rose Salane, Philip Gay, Mark Titchner, Joe Lai, Jean-Vincent Simonet, Sarah Blais, Nelson Pernisco, Baud Postma,

Masha Demianova, Oliver Katibi Stalmans, Maya Rochat,Olga Khristolyubova, Zuza Krajewska, Lucas Grottoli, Nick Jeffrey, Juliet Casella,

Josep Fonti, Daniele Fumno, Evelyn Bencicova, Manon Wertenbroek, Dimitri Hyacinthe, Emile Barre

limited edition of 200 copies

no advertisements

350 pages - 250 x 300mm

FLOFFERZ MAGAZINE is a new concept bi-annual visual publication comprised of a community of prestigious creatives worldwide.  Promoting racial diversity, gender equality and raising awareness for international organizations and charities, we seek to educate our generation through thought-provoking artistic content.

Each issue is dedicated to a charity of choice. Our community of young creatives come together to create works of greater meaning. The artworks in each issue are for sale with proceeds dedicated to a charity of choice.