Flofferz magazine - issue 001 "Neverland" – DAMAGE Playground
Flofferz magazine - issue 001 "Neverland"

Flofferz magazine - issue 001 "Neverland"

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Age appropriate behaviour has altered in definition over many societal standards across the globe. The works featured in this issue take on a visual discussion of eternal youth while still alluding to the harsher realities of our generation's existence. In pairing with The Global Fund in this issue, we hope to bring awareness to debilitating diseases that extend beyond race, gender, and sexual preference. We hope to support and contribute in honour of the continuous struggle for those faced with these diseases and to those working to develop a cure.


Michele Lamy, Maya Rochat, Teresa Freitas, Alexander Binder, Igor Skaletsky, Vera Kochubey, Love Curly, Marine Arragain

Photographers: Synchrodogs, Johann Bouché-Pillon, Eric T White, Maya Rochat, Hannah Sider, Johann Selles, Felicity Ingram, Renaud Cambuzat, Szilveszter Makó, Sergey Rogov, Hana Knizova, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, William Alden Manning, Angga Pratama, Roy Brandys, Kent AndreasenLinus Ricard, Jane and Jane Barre

limited edition - some copies still available

no advertisements

244 pages - 250 x 300mm

FLOFFERZ MAGAZINE is a new concept bi-annual visual publication comprised of a community of prestigious creatives worldwide.  Promoting racial diversity, gender equality and raising awareness for international organizations and charities, we seek to educate our generation through thought-provoking artistic content.

Each issue is dedicated to a charity of choice. Our community of young creatives come together to create works of greater meaning. The artworks in each issue are for sale with proceeds dedicated to a charity of choice.