COS magazine #18 - the senses – DAMAGE Playground
COS magazine #18 - the senses

COS magazine #18 - the senses

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Titled ‘the senses’, edition nr.18 of COS magazine explores the miraculous faculties with which human beings can perceive and enjoy the world. 


Naomi Beckwith - the curator of contemporary art from Chicago reveals the secrets of seeing

Chris Downey - the architect from San Francisco who designs buildings for the blind

Nils Frahm - for the pioneering composer, music is about silence as well as sound

Lizzie Ostrom - London's scent adventurer channels the surprising power of smell

Kemal Demirasal - the Turkish superchef experiments with taste from war and wide

Philippa Perrry - the psychotherapist explains the precious gift of intuition

95 pages

26.5 x 19.5 cm


Publisher: COS (H&M Group)

Though we are no proponent of fast fashion we can appreciate things from things we can't appreciate. So credit where credit is due since the COS publication is very well made and an outlet to creatives, printed matter and for discovering things you might not have.