CHLOË SEVIGNY - No Time For Love – damage playground
CHLOË SEVIGNY - No Time For Love - DAMAGE Playground
CHLOË SEVIGNY - No Time For Love - DAMAGE Playground
CHLOË SEVIGNY - No Time For Love

CHLOË SEVIGNY - No Time For Love

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Chloë Sevigny's; the actress-muse-model-'your girl's favourite girl' zine titled No Time For Love. The booklet is filled with snapshots from photo booths and candid images of the men in her life – from her father to her first loves – plastered with stickers to keep their privacy, of course.

28 pages

Edition of 1000


13 x 19 cm softcover

colour offset printed

Published by Innenzines

Published on the occasion of
I Never Read, Art Book FAIR Basel
June 17 — 20, 2015

Chloë Sevigny is an American film actress, fashion designer, and former model. Some of her most notable roles were in Kids (1995), Boys Don't Cry (1999), American Psycho (2000), and the HBO television series Big Love, for which she received a Golden Globe in 2010.

"She’s not the girl you wish you were; she’s the woman you want to be." - Claire Marie Healy on her love for Chloe Sevigny

But when I really think about my love for Sevigny, my heart skips a beat to the 2000s. By the time I was a teenager, the enthusiastic girl was no more – instead, she was bossing the film world with risky roles that paid off (in 2010, she won a Golden Globe for her role as a Mormon’s wife in Big Love). She didn’t even need to speak in Party Monster (2003) and still made an indelible mark on that film. 2003’s The Brown Bunny, with its infamous and devastating final scene, might be her most fearless moment. On the controversy of that film’s unsimulated fellatio scene, she said, “If you’re not challenging yourself and taking risks, then what’s the point of being an artist?”