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our philosophy

Design Philosophy

Not necessarily focussing on the new and trying have a variable offer for customers at all times. Well made, durable, affordable, timeless and the like as mantra. Part of that is directly involving customers by having them serve as suppliers of our offering with pieces hanging in their closets not being worn or pieces worn just a couple of times. Brought under ‘Customer Archive’ it is a sort of vintage section, but more with the idea of revolving clothing and for them also an opportunity to fund other pieces. And a way of offsetting against the abundance, waste, killing tempo of the industry as a whole. Idea behind this is more involvement, creating a more honest and interesting offering as a whole. And in addition to serve as a platform for a curation of Dutch and international designers/makers/artists/creators with a strong sense of their own identity and whom explore new methods of production and distribution.  

Damage Playground as a (non) physical space

Damage Playground is a multipurpose store platform and occasional production house based in Rotterdam. Founded in 2012, Damage is involved in trade for a curation of Dutch and international design and co-initiating various projects. After 3.5 years of operating a brick store from the Hillelaan in Rotterdam, Damage Playground relocated to the Gemaal op Zuid in June 2016. The platform now operates ONLINE and APPOINTMENT only for selected goods and will continue this process wanting to rethink its presence in Rotterdam and the definition of a physical space and exploring new economic models as such. Damage will participate throughout the city when relevant, maintaining it as a personal curated experience: on demand, by appointment only and sometimes travelling. This adaptation mainly follows the idea of being a flexible initiative, adapting to modern day circumstances, constantly remodeled: sometimes showroom, sometimes shop, sometimes producing, always a place for discovery.

''We wanted to create a hybrid space that offers flexibility and freedom in terms of setup. We wanted to get in touch with actual people and create a meeting space for kindred spirits, whatever that entails. Creating a kind of modern theater with a varying programme constantly seeking to draw a crowd. We simply try to follow our own path and not get carried away by tempting offerings in an industry where you could easily get carried away by the ‘coolness’ of it all.''

Sense of being

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