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Senz6 Umbrellas

Designer Locale - based in Delft, The Netherlands

Senz6 is a subbrand of senz° that combines the unique technology of the senz° umbrellas with exclusive designs by fashion and textile designers beheaded by Yoske Nishiumi, known for his work at Reality Studio & Asics a.o.

We all have our stories of umbrella failures. So when in 2004, the founder and creative mastermind Gerwin Hoogendoorn had three of his umbrellas break down within a week, he decided to finally do something about it: the umbrella was in dire need of an upgrade.

Two years later senz° was born with a promise: yes, senz° umbrellas don’t turn inside out because they are storm proof up to 100km/h. And yes, they feature special eyesavers to protect fellow pedestrians. And yes, they are designed in a unique shape that will keep you dry from head to toe.

Now that they mastered the technology, it’s time to add extra style. They believe an umbrella should be a statement: with senz6, they introduce their new line that combines the technology of the original senz° storm umbrellas with exclusive designs by fashion and textile designers.