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Pack! by Studio Alei Verspoor

Pack! is a modular bag system encompassing backpacks, tote bags, and laptop cases, created by Alei Verspoor.

Pack! is based on the idea of Design for Disassembly. Every item is an combination of loose detachable parts. You can buy a pre-assembled piece, but also extra components – straps, sleeves, and clips- to adjust and evolve your bag over time. This modular system emphasises individuality, longevity, and renewal.

Pack! designs are highly aesthetic, and at the same time functional. The quality materials used -heavy polyester webbing, waterproof cloth, and aluminum clips- are selected for their durability.

All Pack! products are currently handmade in Amsterdam on a made-to-order basis.

Maker: Alei Verspoor is a textile, product, and print designer. In her work she aims to challenge the lifespan and method of construction of textile products, approaching each design project like a puzzle – practical and playful. Born in The Netherlands, she studied fashion design at Arnhem’s Artez Institute of the Arts, before obtaining a Master’s degree in Textiles from the Royal College of Art in London. Alei has worked as a menswear designer for O’Neill, as well as across a broad range of other disciplines -accessory design, wearable electronics, automotive design, interior product design and graphic design- both independently and for clients.