mono.gramm – DAMAGE Playground


mono.gramm is a garment label from Berlin (Deutschland) specialised in womenswear and dresses. Unusual but simple patterns and drapings, modest yet comfortable materials express their love for simplicity and beauty, for quality and depth. As life has many facets, they aim at designing clothes that can adapt to any moment: easy to wear, easy to love. Easy as...

Designer Archive by Damage is a curation of previous collection pieces by outstanding designers under the credo style never goes out of fashion. As we do not propose the new, what matters most is well made, using high quality, and fair as possible fabrics. Pieces that you'd always want to wear at any moment during nature's yearly recurring cycle. All items are new and directly from the designers but will always be offered at a reduced price and are well to combine with our other collections and/or your current wardrobe.