droog® | Bottoms Up Doorbell by Peter van der Jagt – furtado melville
droog® | Bottoms Up Doorbell by Peter van der Jagt

droog® | Bottoms Up Doorbell by Peter van der Jagt

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What we know as a doorbell, a square box, does not actually indicate its function. In Bottoms up doorbell nothing is hidden. The sound is created and symbolized by the crystal wineglasses. The guests are announced with a musical toast of this doorbell.
Winner Red Dot award 2007
designed by Peter van der Jagt
Material: electromagnet , wineglasses, stainless steel (excluding transformer)
version: 230V EU
Size:  25 x 9 x 24 cm / 9.8"x 3.5" x 9.4"
design year: 1994
Part of collection of
Museo do Design (Lisbon, Portugal)
Centraal Museum (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Gemeente Museum (The Hague, The Netherlands)
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Montreal, Canada)

What is a doorbell? Every single doorbell is a collection of electric parts that release a hammer so it hits two objects emitting a two-tone sound, in order to announce the arrival of company at the door.

Most doorbells are white plastic cubes that say nothing. Nothing about the technique, nothing about how they work, nothing about what a pleasant sound is, or how hospitality is expressed.

I designed the Bottoms up doorbell in 1994. 23 years later, the product is still current. Perhaps as a classic, but not out of nostalgia. Of course design, and the thoughts driving design have evolved, and I think for the better. Nevertheless, not wanting to design wasn’t such a bad idea after all.