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Christa van der Meer - Das Leben am Haverkamp

Christa van der Meer is a Dutch fashion designer educated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands and member of the designer collective Das Leben am Haverkamp. After doing an internship at Henrik Vibskov in Copenhagen and studying at the Swedish School of Textiles, she is now working on projects to connect her portrait drawings to her fashion designs.

Her work usually focuses on a selection of traditions and specific visual cultures that is translated into a series of paintings, collages and fashion designs. It has an autonomous starting point and is later on released into an applied world.

"Intensive research into the relation between my love and fascination for portraits and passion for designing fashion is personally essential. Both portraits as fashion are both inseparably linked to what we think is identity. Clothing enables you to express your identity and flaunt it, your face is directly connected to who you are as a person. I approach my silhouettes as a study on what this can visually change for both media, the moment you make a connection between them."