Ay Illuminate – DAMAGE Playground

Ay Illuminate

Ay Illuminate is based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands and produces its own lighting sculptures in countries such as Ethiopia and Swaziland. The design team formed by Ay Lin Heinen, Nelson Sepulveda and Mark Eden Schooley is inspired by both nature and different cultures which is reflected in their use of organic shapes and natural (waste) materials combined with local handcraft expertise. One of their most recent projects are sisal nets from Swaziland, handmade by local women in collaboration with the Gone Rural project. The sisal nets’ production is part of the project and gives the women a place to work. Although it might be seen as a charity cause, the designers merely want people to acquire the products because of its aesthetics and not because of charity. The aim is to grow the project into a self operating business in order for Gone Rural not to be depend of donations.

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