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PSA - exhibitions: Lorena van Bunningen - Attempts to sculpt a Movement II

During South Explorer, artist Lorena van Bunningen will present the work Attempts to sculpt a movement II (2017 - present). The work examines how a temporary, brief movement can be frozen. It is a form study in which the market tent is examined, not for its functionality, but for its ever-changing form and spatiality. She is fascinated by the movement that is frozen in the material and looks for ways in which she can preserve those forms that can exist only for a short period of time.Runs from 14 April - 1 July 2018Gemaal op Zuid, Pretorialaan 141, Rotterdam

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Ella Elisabeth | Playground Collaborators

Ella Elisabeth explores with her works the borders of photography. Ella separates facets in order to create serenity. A serenity that offers interaction between the spectator and the work. She recently explored photographic applications by means of clothing as a series for Damage Playground playing with the body as sculpture, intertwinement, paper matter, and garment pieces by Hellen van Rees. These works which for now mostly exists in the tangible world might never see the digital light.

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Sophie Holterman | Playground Collaborators

"What I want is to design wearable products or pieces of art that are not linked to a particular collection for a particular season of a particular year. I design, make and sell them as long as you want me to. No surpluses, no unfair labor – only joy." Sophie Holterman now is also part of the Playground. The impeccable designed and comfortable Circle Sweater in Yves blue is worn on the image by Sophie. Order online or try on in Amsterdam 

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PSA - exhibitions: PhED Flip - It Looks Like I'm Hiding

‘It looks like I’m hiding’ is an exhibition where seekers count and hiders hide. Get inside the mind of those who hide and those who seek. Artist PhED FLIP will magnify the masking force of the missing person and the battle of the seeker. Step into an experience where institutional procedures, mainstream trends and dominant architecture, forces actors to impose social constraints on their daily life. Running from 18 November 2018 - 4 April 2018 Gemaal op Zuid, Pretorialaan 141, Rotterdam

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