Swing Time - visual diary V – furtado melville

Swing Time - visual diary V

Swing TIme damage playground dana-romina photography

A photo series featuring a vibrant wave of Dutch designers working in different modes from thinking in series, not recurring collections, to producing small, on demand and avoiding stockpiling. And thereby not being bound by simply one thing and finding themselves on the crossroads of art, fashion, material research, and other explorations and collaborations. Featuring Christa van der Meer, Camiel Fortgens, AnoukxVera, Hellen van Rees, Anouk van de Sande, Jason Page, textiles from Benin and articles of worn clothing from Damage Playground's Customer Archive.

See full online: swing-time.tumblr.com

Photography by Dana-Romina

Art Direction by Furtado Melville

Featuring artists Katinka van Gorkum & Janne van de Weijer