In SlaveCity | Joep van Lieshout, De Pont – DAMAGE Playground

In SlaveCity | Joep van Lieshout, De Pont

Joep van Lieshout SlaveCity De Pont Museum Tilburg

"To organize rationally and efficiently, earn lots of money and do so preferably in the most sustainable way possible: nowadays almost any business or organization would endorse this motto. And that also goes for SlaveCity, on which Van Lieshout has been working since 2005. He has meticulously calculated that, with the use of 200,000 slaves working in a call center for seven hours a day, the annual profit can amount to 7.8 billion euros. The slaves earn no wages; but expenses, housing, entertainment and visits to the brothel are all arranged perfectly. By now there are maquettes, sketches or paintings of all of the buildings and installations, and the city is—of course—energy neutral. Everything is recyclable, including the slaves themselves. When they no longer function, their bodies are processed and vital organs become available for transplants. Also included in the city planning is a centrally organized hospital with well-equipped operating rooms.

Running from June 11 to October 2, 2016 at De Pont museum, Tilburg