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On Life

"moments of suffocating dullness interspersed by violent and near suicidal flashes of excitement" -Yōko (former spouse of Masahisa Fukase) about their life together

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New Modes of Operation | DAMAGE Public Service Announcement

We relocated to the Gemaal op Zuid, Rotterdam in May 2016. Since then we operate ONLINE and APPOINTMENT only and will continue this process wanting to rethink our presence in Rotterdam and the definition of a physical space and new economic models as such. Damage will participate throughout the city when relevant, maintaining it as a personal shopping experience: on demand, by appointment only and sometimes travelling. And in addition to keep providing space for national/international designers/makers/artists/creators with a strong sense of their own identity.  Less of them but better. image courtesy of Anthony Burril

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Janne van Gilst | Playground Collaborators

"In the project 'Landscape Icons' Janne van Gilst is researching the Dutch landscape by looking at the different elements that are to be found. By isolating these elements from the landscape it becomes clear there are many similair shapes to be found in the Dutch landscape. These 'icons' are very fimiliar to us and form a big part of the identity of the Dutch landscape. They tell us something about the traditions, history and human influence on this landscape."

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