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Publication of the Week | Fangjui Chang - What's the Point

'What's The Point?' by Fangjui Chang is an ongoing, participatory, Taipei-based project which aims to reconsider our life in a sense of the things that we take for granted by doing fieldwork, discussing what effective/ineffective communication could be, and thinking about how human behaviour affects our society and environment. Using Design Thinking as an approach to provide better solutions to social and environmental problems, and rethink these issues around our lives by engaging and empowering the general public. Everyone can be a facilitator in making the world a better place.

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Publication of the Week | Extra Extra

Extra Extra, issue 7, 2016 Extra Extra is a multidisciplinary platform exploring eroticism and culture. Extra Extra looks at artistic endeavors with a witty, sophisticated eye presenting and working closely and collaboratively with cultural producers who dare to share the sensual fantasies that can be encountered in their work and personal life. In a quest of an international language of the urban, the platform promotes cultural and social dialogue between artists, producers and a worldwide audience. Lose yourself in the stories of a blazing imaginative city life of Extra Extra – whether fictional or true – these adventures are a true aphrodisiac. "Since my arrival in Rotterdam I have been fascinated with the odd Chinese pagoda, which is crammed between...

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